Manual Vacuum Aspiration


Manual Vacuum Aspiration uses a combination of a specifically designed syringe and cannula to apply suction to the uterine cavity. This technique can be used in various clinical situations such as early surgical abortion, evacuation of retained products of conception and endometrial sampling.



MVA Plus aspirator – cost $21.00 ex GST

The MVA plus aspirator is a syringe which is designed to hold its vacuum until the aperture is unlocked. Once primed, the device can be operated with one hand.

The negative pressure produced by the MVA plus is 600 mmHg – equivalent to most mechanical suction devices. As the syringe fills with products of conception the negative pressure decreases. Therefore as the uterus empties the suction pressure becomes less. In the event that the syringe fills before the uterus is empty it can be disconnected, emptied and its vacuum can be re-primed.

The MVA plus aspirator is reusable using conventional sterilisation techniques.


Easy-Grip Cannula – cost $4.00 ex GST

Suction cannulae to accompany the MVA plus aspirator are manufactured in sizes 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12mm. The cannulas are straight and moderately flexible.



Benefits of Manual Vacuum Aspiration over conventional mechanical suction curettage can be broken down into the following:

Less painful – The negative pressure of the MVA Plus decreases as the uterus empties. In comparison, mechanical suction retains the same negative pressure throughout uterine emptying. A large proportion of the discomfort during the evacuation of the uterus is felt at the end of the procedure when the uterus is near empty. Reducing negative pressure at this stage leads to a reduction in discomfort without a drop in efficacy. As a result; uterine evacuation with an MVA Plus is better tolerated and can be performed with a lower level of analgesia than with mechanical suction.

More portable – The syringe is extremely portable allowing the delivery of uterine suction to be performed in more settings than would be possible with mechanical suction.

Less noise – One of the complaints of women undergoing local anaesthetic uterine evacuation is the noise of the suction. There is minimal noise with the MVA plus

Easier collection of products of conception – All products of conception are held in the barrel of the syringe and can then be expelled in the appropriate area by simply depressing the plunger.

Improved endometrial sampling – When connected to a size 3mm cannula the MVA plus creates more negative pressure than a standard pipelle syringe. This can improve the success of endometrial sampling.

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